"Joshua Generation is not a bible college...neither is it a leadership course...Joshua Generation is the beginning of an intense discipleship journey.  It placed in me the foundations I needed for sustained, effective Christian ministry.  It has shaped my paradigms of leadership and Christian theology and ignited a fire for being part of God’s redemptive plan on the earth that has yet to wane after all these years.  If our purpose on the earth is to reach the lost and make disciples of Christ then we are only able to this effectively if we have walked the journey with which we are compelling others to walk.


David Storer is one of our city’s premier church leaders whose primary gifting I believe, is making disciples of Christ.  With material compiled through years of powerful Christian ministry and experience in discipling people, Ps David has designed more than just a course but an experience that will be life-changing to anyone who chooses to be part of this.  It is this powerful and unique combination of teacher and teaching being imparted into hungry hearts that makes JG so potent as a discipleship intensive.  I highly recommend the Joshua Generation School of Supernatural Ministry."


Ps Ken Lee, Senior Minister

Nations Church




"I can trace the greatest growth in my spiritual life to the season of "Joshua Generation" with Ps David Storer. What I learned, what I experienced and what I went through made it the most fruitful discipleship course I have ever done.  I strongly recommend it to anyone that wants discipleship.  Ps David has a genuine desire and anointing to train and equip, and there is no one in Australia that I’d rather be discipled by."

Ps Mark Varughese, Senior Minister

Kingdom City Church Perth and Kuala Lumpur




"Joshua Generation was a fantastic experience for me.  Part bible college, part life-training, it helped build invaluable disciplines into my life and explained things I knew or suspected intuitively, but did not see how it fit in with the every day Christian life.  I still find myself going over the notes and sessions every so often, and it has urged me to look for the 'gold mine' in the word of God, not just the 'gold nuggets'."

Janan Thomas, Solicitor




"I had the privilege of being a part of the Joshua Generation leadership training course in its inaugural year, when I was in my early twenties. Whilst the course was in its infancy, the lasting impact it’s had on my life is undeniable.  To this day I draw on the content in both a personal and a ministry capacity.  Pastor David is truly gifted in his ability to teach spiritual truth and revelation from the Word.  There was also an emphasis on practically applying the content learnt in everyday life and ministry contexts.  This helped cement the teaching and took it from being a classroom only to a hands on experience.  I would strongly recommend Joshua Generation, School of Supernatural Ministry to anyone who was looking to take the next step in their journey of passionately pursuing Christ and the things of the Spirit with a view to impacting their world. You will not be disappointed!"

Chrissy Lee, Pastor

Nations Chuch